Interior Lighting

Interior lighting is an essential aspect of designing spaces as it enhances the aesthetic appeal, setting the mood and ambiance that makes a living space. Luxury lighting adds sophistication and panache to interiors. From bespoke designer wall lights and modern chandeliers to floor lamps, wall lights, and suspensions, our portfolio offers modern light fixtures for every space.


Contemporary Interior Lighting

Lighting can transform interior spaces in an instant, turning them into stunning embodiments of art and life. From designer wall lights and floor lamps to luxury chandeliers and pendant lighting for ceiling, interior lighting solutions pan out across a wide spectrum of home, office and hospitality décor. Interior lighting also makes a style statement that reflects the taste and character of individuals and organisations. Modern lighting in hotels, corporates and public spaces has come to mean more than an aesthetic addition, sometimes even becoming a part of the brand identity.

For homeowners, contemporary lighting choices open a way to the creative use of lights for interior decoration. Custom lighting solutions and modern light fixtures can take a drab corner and create an artistic expression. Moreover, luxury lighting and designer lights for home also come in designs that are unique and can be customised for specific requirements.

Interior Lighting Designs and Categories

Modern lighting has opened avenues for home design and décor with contemporary floor lamps, Pedestal lamps, table lamps, luxury chandeliers, and bespoke wall lights. Every interior space can benefit aesthetically by using one or more of these interior lighting designs in tandem with other variables such as colours, contours and furnishings. Use of modern design materials like stainless steel is also giving light and sculpture artists a lot of creative freedom in terms of shapes and contrasts, resulting in the creation of a new space for contract lighting within the niche.

Contemporary Floor Lighting

A standard lighting fixture in the luxury hospitality domain, designer floor lamps and modern floor lights are now increasingly used for interior lighting in homes. These lights make use of both modern and classic materials for creating extraordinary lighting effects in doorways, hallways, rooms, kitchen and halls. Modern floor lights like standing lamps and corner lamps transform empty spaces into beautiful interiors.

Luxury Designer Chandeliers

Modern chandeliers are transforming interior lighting with a range of choices such as crystal chandeliers, glass chandeliers, drum chandeliers, bowl chandeliers, tiered chandeliers, beaded chandeliers and transitional chandeliers. Custom chandelier designs fit into a vast number of interior spaces and are used in hotels, homes, airports, and corporate buildings. Linear chandeliers are a prime example of contemporary interior lighting for atriums, hotels and public spaces.

Modern Pendant Lighting

A stylish way for lighting interiors has been opened by pendant lighting for homes, offices and hospitality spaces. Pendant lighting is one of the most popular interior design choices today. These contemporary ceiling light fixtures come in some exquisite and stylish shapes and sizes that can fit hallways, halls, rooms, kitchen, bath and corridors.

Bespoke Wall Lights

A stylish range of wall lights can create spectacular interiors by adding contrasts to wall paint, wallpaper designs, and paintings. Wall lights for bedrooms can create a cosy, comfortable aura, while bathroom lights can bring that luxe look so desired. Furthermore, stainless steel lights are also being used for wall lighting, finding generous use in modern home décor in tandem with building materials like concrete.

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