Exterior Lighting

Sculptural in form, landscape lighting solutions add a pleasing ambiance to exterior spaces. Rather than being simple bollard lights, they blend in with nature, becoming interesting pieces of art that adorn your lawns, terraces, pathways, gardens, and entrances.


Outdoor Lighting

Modern outdoor lighting fixtures can refresh the looks of porch, patio and landscape areas by adding a charming ambience. Brighten entryways with hanging exterior lights or add style to the outside walls and ceilings with wall lights and roof lights or lighten up driveways and garden paths with bollards. Path lights can be planted along the walkways to enhance the looks of gardens and vegetation whereas garden sculptures can be adorned with custom-made garden lights. Post lights are also a great addition for driveways and garage areas, enhancing both the looks and the outdoor visibility.

Types of Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights can be used for adding style and security. A huge selection of decorative lighting, landscape lighting and security lighting is available for adding style and safety to home and business premises. Here are the types of exterior lighting that can be commissioned.

Decorative Outdoor Lights: Make an impression with decorative outdoor lights such as outdoor hanging lanterns, outdoor wall lights and bollards. Exterior lighting upgrades can transform the aura and ambience of entryways and pathways, making a big difference to the exterior decor of a building. A wide variety of lantern lights and sconces can also be used to great effect for exterior lighting. Porch lights and patio lights can create warm and inviting outdoor spaces for organising events and parties. Decorative string lights and deck lights are also a popular choice if the architecture permits their use.

Landscape Lights: Garden and landscaping can be adorned with low voltage lighting / LEDs such as pathway lights and bollards. Bollards can be effectively used to light the walkways, path and driveway zones. Strategic placement of landscape lights can create mesmerising outdoor ambience and can also enhance safety when used in form of driveway lights or stairway lights.

Outdoor Lighting Designs

Some of the most popular outdoor light designs are:

Outdoor Wall Lights: These outdoor lights come in many shapes and sizes, and most importantly have specific use-cases. Consider the placement of these outdoor light fixtures i.e. if they will be in a covered spot or exposed to the elements. Every use case needs a different type of wall light. When selecting outdoor lighting fixtures, outdoor sconces are also a great choice, offering a covered lighting solution for walls.

Outdoor Chandeliers: Ideal for decks and gazebos, outdoor chandeliers can add a touch of elegance to outdoor dining spaces. A vast number of material and lighting choices are available in this category, including bespoke, commissioned custom chandeliers.

Outdoor Floor Lights: These lights can be in the form of recessed outdoor floor lamps or bollards or street / pole lights. The most ideal of outdoor floor lights is for pathway and walkway lighting in landscaping. Stair lights are also a type of floor lights, used for adding charm and safety to stairways in darker areas.

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